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you're ruining your teeth
i think i
lost my way with words -
i've unlearned imagery
13 cavities
rotting to
bone-crowns &
:iconcounting-vertebrae:counting-vertebrae 24 5
living girl, do not
build an armory out of
incisors & fractured femurs
do not seek
to fit this throne of bones; do not
shrink into the framework of this citadel
feral girl, feral heart,
we can scoff at those who want to live forever
(immortality is fickle)
but we
are more than
lost baby-teeth
& we
have words to give
:iconcounting-vertebrae:counting-vertebrae 54 14
Mature content
anecdotal evidence :iconcounting-vertebrae:counting-vertebrae 34 10
progress is paralytic
i was an all-american
psyche-massacre. i cracked
corroded molars loose
from mandibles
desperation doesn't cover it, no -
i was profound,
an architect of the unsuccessful.
i formed
the counter-culture of
led the children's crusade for
:iconcounting-vertebrae:counting-vertebrae 37 9
cynical: arsenical
splinter-thorn boy,
it will all start to
d i s i n t e  g   r    a     t     e
beneath you
you are
the least beautiful way to unravel -
all maggot-rot, no
split-thread, no
ribbon-torn boy
an architect of
a god of
[away] &
there is nothing holy about you
:iconcounting-vertebrae:counting-vertebrae 113 22
i will spit out these
blue teeth to
myself again,
"can't you tell he's just empty space" &
i see 206 in 20/20;
otherwise my whole head's blurry
:iconcounting-vertebrae:counting-vertebrae 23 4
like carving limestone out
from the quarry of your wrist
:iconcounting-vertebrae:counting-vertebrae 25 26
vertebral boy by counting-vertebrae vertebral boy :iconcounting-vertebrae:counting-vertebrae 11 23
badlands and bleached teeth
your body is no temple,
boy; it's a wasteland.
you are the warring nation -
you're the wishbone weaponry,
hunger as the ammunition.
:iconcounting-vertebrae:counting-vertebrae 66 14
an extinction of self
you may be a god but -
a mind
s c  a   t    t     e      r       i        n         g
every which way,
an amygdala that atrophies,
i am the
of no ablution;
in consuming, i
become corrosion.
- i am divinity.
:iconcounting-vertebrae:counting-vertebrae 46 11
pulling teeth is easy
galaxy boy,
quit looking for planets in him;
he's already fallen out of orbit.
oh, roadkill boy,
you've been rotting for
:iconcounting-vertebrae:counting-vertebrae 62 25
a study in self-decay
i can teach you how to
i've written every maxim
to atrophy,
the commander of a
new (de)generation -
i was the first to unravel.
:iconcounting-vertebrae:counting-vertebrae 43 19
my jawbone snaps in
fours -
an assembly of
wolves' teeth,
i petrify.
i unravel in blue;
bleed incisors into
cavity canines.
:iconcounting-vertebrae:counting-vertebrae 37 22
how (in)articulate
taxonomy & toxicology,
i derive, despise
the black of cavity fillings -
my mortuary mouth can't cauterize;
these sutures sever anew
as a caveat:
a row
of red teeth
that split
sanctoriums into
:iconcounting-vertebrae:counting-vertebrae 38 27
the damned (they sermonize sacrilege)
these (self-)cannibals,
they've all got one-track minds
[sever them or]
they'll dissect you,
deceive you;
they've got
no caveats &
all vices
(don't you dare let them go &
fall in love - they're all
:iconcounting-vertebrae:counting-vertebrae 22 11
as satellites
stelliform, we watched
our supernova bodies
burn. constellations
formed from tooth and viscera -
stark satellites from bone-ash.
:iconcounting-vertebrae:counting-vertebrae 31 21


on the ground floor, colorado 2013
boy stays underground all day, be
with spiders, catching beautiful things
out of the air & smothering them with silk,
something sticky. see how they shine
in the right light,   see all the angels
we've brought down from heaven,
how we coccoon them with ourselves,
how we consume them with the hope
that they wil become us. see how readily
we devour this guilt, this empty carcass;
how the funeral pews always fill up, see
all the digital eulogies floating in space, a
garden of tombstones or prayers or nameless
ghosts but nothing louder than silence.
boy learns that there is little difference between
suicide & stardom, since both seem to end up
in the same place. friend tries to make a joke to
cut the tension, say maybe you'll finally be fucked
up enough to win a poetry slam
soboy takes cake knife to his words
instead of skin, calls this progress. says
not me, not yet; says you ain't even seen
the blood yet,   calls this a rigged game
we're all eventually losing; say it's
:iconsuccesswithhonor:successwithhonor 5 0
an atheist's guide to grieving you
i.   let your soliloquies be private,
a prayer to trees and trees alone--
cargo shorts,
baby hairs,
everywhere soft.
tuck it away:
that song by the kills,
muffled sex under blankets,
apologies through gritted teeth
ii.   when the news arrives,
remember this was not special.
a hundred other girls spoke
into his mouth,
felt the blue valley
of his collarbone
iii.   watch
but say nothing
as they stumble over his pronoun
& still pinch tiny rainbow pins at his funeral.
iv.   flinch every time you see an ongoing truck
v.   remember him at all the wrong times:
drunk with friends,
making breakfast,
vii.   put that record on
& pray
:iconignotism:ignotism 23 4
he’s a delicate
      but tough boy;
his fault lines
     jagged but
             his eyes still sharp
                  like astral streetlamps.
he’s fuelled by sunlight;
             he soaks in golden.
                     words bounce in the dim light of table lamps
                                  and if he can pull the hardest punch
                                             it’s because of the anatomy within which
                                   he's made a home for himself.
:icona-girl-named-divine:a-girl-named-divine 38 36
I stared at the mirror today
trying to remind myself
that I am a hyena.
Misunderstood, but
Hell - I’m lying
to you. To the world.
To myself.
I’m not even a
cicada -
At least they
have a voice
to scream.
& I wish
I could scream.
So loud the sound
breaks eardrums.
So loud
that all the voices
in my head
shut up.
- dearpoetry
:icondearpoetry:DearPoetry 44 12
A Hyena sleeps within my marrow. by DearPoetry A Hyena sleeps within my marrow. :icondearpoetry:DearPoetry 13 1
only the undefined are infinite
not anymore.
as we approach the start/finish line, i turn on an axis of my own making.
i bleed into language like a storm lets rain, untamed, bound by none.
when we're gone, they'll tell stories about us, and it will all begin like this.
they are a definition unto themselves.
on that first day of classes
they asked me what my religion was—
i smirked and said,
differential calculus.

because i wonder about the slope of your cheekbones, the curvature of your hands in every vase of flowers you've carried and all the notebooks you've filled up. there's nothing heretical about this, loving girls as much as boys and only wanting to be their best friend. wanting, with all my being. there's nothing improper about it but they tell me i'm wrong anyway.
eventually, at some critical point, i learn to stop caring.
coincidence, perfect coincidence, that black-gray-purple are the colors i choose to dress in, that pink and blue were the first colors of pain
:iconpatchworklynx:PatchworkLynx 36 39
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cynical, arsenical, typical.
soda can on the table and a map to nowhere ( divya drew it )
             we’re dreaming in phase ;  tornado thinkers and
                                                        all this limestone in its organic sheath
                          { i n f l a m m a b l e }     [ no ]  [this body is more than secondhand furniture]
keep the
spiders away from me when i sleep > keep the nightmares away when i breathe
                    i’m inhaling carbon dioxide and driving cars off bridges and
                               i suffocate on oxygen > i know he underst
:icona-girl-named-divine:a-girl-named-divine 33 33
miau by burgerphile miau :iconburgerphile:burgerphile 455 5
i owe you (some ones and zeroes)
i'm not an achiever
not a whisper or shout
but a whim
silver and bronze and passion as aspirations:
not means to an end
no means to no end
just debt up my sleeves
and it's weightless as my breath:
an even keel in shoddy waters
but i take shelter just below the bell curve
despite its flashing ring
and alloy constant on my tongue
genuine cheap imitations, but
i'm kept
and there's nothing ahead
but waves:
an immeasurable frequency
decreasing but i like to
make noise
whatever i do
:iconblanketings:blanketings 19 14
i like to count your ribs when you're not looking.
the hollow dips, the gentle pressure they put on your skin.
you're underweight by a few ticks of the scale,
                                                   so am i.
                      we both hate taking our medicine.
                  so my hands shake and your lungs ache,
but we just laugh it off because we're young and we have forever.
:iconvvlpes:vvlpes 33 39
bottom of the
when that circuit bores
and signals flare
what duty have the entrails
to dare consistency?
candor forfeit instantly
in neon flash, merging caches
blooming faster than
who can stare down lore
without embarass?
eyes do not stutter
so lithely.
right me, stammering
and foolish i have prayed
water deeper still within me.
choking feels like
:icongliitchlord:gliitchlord 9 2




Artist | Student | Literature
Ezra || 18 || He/they

Is an art, like everything else.
I do it exceptionally well.
- Sylvia Plath


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a-girl-named-divine Featured By Owner May 30, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
listen boy
someday, when you are older,
you could get hit by a boulder
while you're lying there screaming "come help me please"
the seagulls (hm!) poke your knees! 
Reverse dog Not good Gull dance Reverse dog Not good  
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cholie Featured By Owner May 18, 2017
I don't want to risk sounding creepy, but, a-girl-named-divine wrote you this amazing poem and i was telling her how your (user)name is awesome. Ezra is such a rad name, and counting-vertebrae is such an awesome username. She encouraged me to tell you so even though you're on a hiatus. I hope you're having an awesome month. Take good care! I hope I've not creeped you out or anything.
a-girl-named-divine Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
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vvlpes Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2017  Student Writer
                                                                   "but then
                                     the too white teeth all night,
        all over the American sky, too much to bear, "

                                                       dirty valentine

                                                          Tooth by King-Lulu-Deer   Tooth by King-Lulu-Deer   Tooth by King-Lulu-Deer
a-girl-named-divine Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Emote like coca cola Emote like coca cola Emote like coca cola Emote like coca cola Emote like coca cola 
did you know this exists??? 
why does this exist
what is happening
vvlpes look 
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a-girl-named-divine Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
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there should probably be a limit on the number of times i'm allowed to comment on your page.  
also omg what have i done, this is awful.
a-girl-named-divine Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
I think I'm more active on your page than I am on mine  what could this mean
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what even 
why is that a thing 
omg i'm so sorry this is terrible HAHAHA
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vvlpes Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2017  Student Writer

you are a  p o e t ,
a genius one,
le os-garçon
to us all.
keep your back straight
and don't lose
c o u n t .

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a-girl-named-divine Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
vvlpes  what's the plan?

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a-girl-named-divine Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
if i do my chem project right, i could actually parallel a set of themes common to your work. it's a good feeling.

see also: decay, teeth, soda & self-destruction, corrosion, dissolution
synonyms: i need to chill, haha 

introduction i picked this topic because i love referencing poets to an almost spam-like degree & because ever since i befriended this vertebral boy i've been considering taking a degree in poetic dentistry and becoming a denture slam poet for a career

also on a somewhat unconnected note i am so everywhere i should probably at least attempt to show some restraint hahaha whoops 
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